Sunday, 7 December 2014

Guess who's back, back again

 Yes it is true, I am back for one last blog post and today I will be targeting my attention towards
 i-movie, yes that free piece of apple software that almost caused me to destroy anything related to the company will today be written about on a school blog read by next to no one.

So when I first discovered this "app" on the app store I had no idea what i was about to get into as everything was about to go against me as shown in this Steven Colbert gif.

and now for a personal customer message from i-movie: "Oh hi there, looking to make a stop motion video with a higher frame rate then 1fps? Well then you are out of luck, enjoy your stop motion where it looks like things are just lagging rather than moving!"

Although I still managed to produce a final video it was not nearly as good as I had hoped for and this was mainly due to the apple product which I no longer want to mention.

Now I must vacate this classroom before I am forced to do one more blog post!

Goodbye year 10 IST! and goodbye IST for atleast another 2 years.

"Why do you want to be a lobby boy?"

"Well who wouldn't sir, at the Grand Budapest."

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Final Weeks Review

Hello friends, before you begin reading beware this post will be separated by various gifs to express my feelings about IST during the time of writing.

Pictured above is me attempting to work during this unit as I have always been behind by about a week somehow when no lessons where ever missed but anyway I persisted on and managed to at this point almost finish my entire video.

The video focuses more on a general overview on buying or obtaining the coins rather then going into specific detail like how to use the exact program to mine for the coins which may be what some people are looking for online. Despite this fact I felt that our class would be more suited to a general overview as most of us only learned the name of this coin a few weeks ago.

Pictured above is everyones reaction (except maybe a few people) when they discover they can mine bitcoins with their home computer, earning a few dollars.

Although short and sweet, hopefully my video will be able to showcase bitcoins in a quick not so boring way (stop motion) which will hopefully be able to keep their attention for the short time.

This unit of work has been great and I wish we had done a PiP in an earlier term so we could spend a lot more time on it.

I have come to the conclusion that on recording, my voice sounds like a dying chipmunk, I expect some great banter from Oscar when the video is shown in class.

Thank you and possibly goodbye year 10 IST.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 5 Summary

This week due to the small amount of time, I used it to establish further knowledge on the topic of bit coins

Facts (Some interesting, some not so much) -

* During a 2013 large crash a significant amount of suicides were believed to have been caused by the virtual currency.

* A large number of banks are attempting to bankrupt the currency by disallowing it as the coin uses no central 'bank' to maintain the prices.

* 1/4 American Adults are estimated to know what a bit coin is however only 1/40 are estimated as to know how to acquire them.

The script for the informational video is underway however it may be difficult to put together all of the images in under a lesson as we are away next week for work experience.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Week 4 Summary

This week, I first established the information I would need in order to produce the video for the term. I decided to add an extension onto my question being how can you simply buy/invest in Bitcoins rather than simply how can you mine them as some people may be interested in them but not in the 'creation' stage.

The video I hopefully will be able to produce in time will follow the stages in which a bitcoin miner takes or someone looking to buy them will have to take and the equipment needed. The video will be a stop motion sort of style with a voice over explaining what will happen, the actual pictures in the video will just be cut outs rather than clay motion as is usually the case with stop motion.

The process as I believe it to be (may change before presentation):

-Mining Bitcoins-

1. Have a computer connected to a secure connection
2. Create a virtual bitcoin wallet which works much like a physical wallet
3. Download a suitable mining program which will slowly approve bitcoin transactions earning you a small percentage of a bitcoin each time.
4. After a specific amount of time your wallet will be updated with the new funds.

1. No user controlled actions will generally make it go faster
2. It is a known fact that graphics cards often used for gaming will aid in the process of mining bitcoins slowly paying back the investment depending on the scale of each miner.

-Buying Bitcoins-

1. Have a computer connected to a secure connection
2.Create/Login to your bitcoin wallet
3. Decide on a bitcoin marketplace in which you will buy your coin/s from someone
4. Find a seller directly or go to the general market where you are able to purchase any amount of coins using things such as a normal debit card


1. The price of bitcoins vary largely so research first will assist you
2. Ensure the place you buy your coins from is a trusted site as many fraudulant sites are seeking to get credit card information.

Next Week I hope to begin work on the actual video even if it is just to establish a script which I can build upon.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Week 3 Summary

For the next 4 weeks I will be creating a video showcasing how someone is able to mine bitcoins in their own home with a family computer rather than a super computer which is the expectation when discussing the creation of the virtual currency.

The video will follow on the premise that the viewer already knows the general information of bitcoin and now they want to explore actually getting some themselves.

The only question I would have regarding thing topic is has anyone made a career from the use of bitcoin other than the original creator/s?